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Why do you need a tiny climate sensor? Who knows, but Clime is making them. These tiny sensors – shaped like little candies – can transmit the current temperature wirelessly to phones and other devices and will soon able to offer far more interesting data with the help of a tiny chip-based sensor array.

The devices, created by Bart Zimny and Andrzej Pawlikowski, are essentially rubber-clad transmitters. You drop them anywhere you want to sense – a window sill or empty room or spooky basement – and the sensors do the rest. The goal is to create a cheap home automation system with these sensors at the base.

“We want to manufacture devices for masses, for people who are not geeks that buys every novelty,” said Zimny. Both creators are product designers who have worked in 3D printing. This is their first product.

The sensors can currently measure humidity, temperature, light, and movement and they’ll be adding CO2 and pressure sensing as well as light color sensors. They’re planning to ship in October and they don’t have a price set yet but you can get in line to order on their website.

The pair plan on creating actuators and other systems to turn on and off climate management systems and to open and close windows. By spreading a mess of these tiny sensors around an office, for example, they can easily allow you to manage various parts of the home, turning off air conditioners and opening vents with giddy abandon. It can also be cool just to watch the temperatures go up and down.

The team is self-funded and they’re bootstrapping their first batch of sensors.