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Apple’s new spaceship-style campus is one of the last things on the company’s mind right now, with the iPhone launch looming just over the horizon. However, that hasn’t stopped some curious folks from peeking around over at the construction site.

YouTuber jmcminn has captured video on a GoPro Hero 3+ using a Phantom 2 drone, and the end result shows us the foundation of this building for the first time. Earlier shots of the construction site were pretty much just pictures of crop circles in the dirt.

This video not only takes a look at the circular building structure, but shows just how big the campus is in relation to the neighboring buildings.

Apple has been planning this new campus for a long time, with the city of Cupertino giving the company permission to get started back in 2012.

Of course, compared to the mockups we saw back in November, the video can be a bit of a let down. But it’s Labor Day weekend, which gives you a bit more time to use your imagination.