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First we know about TrueCaller:
Truecaller is the world’s largest verified mobile phone community dedicated to helping you take the right call through Caller ID and number search. Searching for any number or name becomes easy with Truecaller.

How it works ?
When we install this app in smartphone then Truecaller collects all contact details and stored in its directory. You can find businesses, financial institutions, or friends in the Truecaller community easily through the search function. Truecaller users will be notified when someone requests their number, and have the option to approve any request that comes through.

Why we remove our Phone number from TrueCaller:
There are many reasons to remove your number from TrueCaller, persons doesn’t want their name to appear in Truecaller directory and view their  personal info, due to certain security or personal issue.

Remove Your Number From TrueCaller:
If you don’t want your number to be searchable in the Truecaller app, then enter your phone number  including the country code and press ‘Unlist.’ (i.e. +9999999999). You cannot resubmit your number to the directory.


Truecaller is an amazing app for all smart phones. But sharing your personal info through cell phone can be unsafe. Therefore, people would have aware about security and remove their contact number from the Truecaller.