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The DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is a benchmark technology for supervising the names of Websites and other domain names. This technology permits you to write names of websites like on your search engines and you’re desktop to routinely search that address on the Internet. Combination of DNS servers is the major element of the DNS. A DNS server is a kind of globe on which other countries exists. Similarly on DNS servers, the address of various other Internet hosts, database of network names exists.

DNS is the key element of Internet service. When your computer is connected to the Internet, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) automatically allocates primary and secondary DNS server addresses to your desktop. DNS server is a kind of telephone directory for the Internet that interprets hostname of the computer into IP address. DNS servers of ISP cannot handle traffic during major times which results in the slow speed of the Internet or sometimes server down trouble. This problem is modified in the Free Public DNS Servers that can handle any amount of traffic at any time. There are multiple servers, if one breaks down; other is ready to operate for you. The list of Top 5 Free Public DNS Servers are given below:

Google Public DNS server

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Google operates the world’s largest DNS service at this point. This was the initiative taken by the Google to make the internet work faster. This is one of the best free public DNS server. On an average Google handles more than 130 billion requests. and8.8.8.8 are the IP addresses of the Google free Public DNS server.

Open DNS

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This is the oldest and experienced DNS server among others. Along with web filtering service, it also provides DNS resolution service. The main feature of this server is the URL spell correction. and are the IP addresses on which its servers work. It also gives protection from phishing and also domain blocking. It had an ad service which shows ads when you search results.

Norton DNS server

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It started to provide DNS service in 2010 and it was the leader in Computer Security Symantec. These are one of the best public DNS servers which are used for Web security. The addresses of its servers are on and Norton DNS can be activated by setting their DNS addresses with the Norton DNS servers. Mac OS X and client software for Windows can easily organize these settings. A comparable client is accessible from the play store in Android phones.

Comodo secure DNS

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Comodo services are very well familiar with you all. They are well recognised for their Internet security suite and they also provide DNS service. Malware security at DNS level is also provided by these servers. The addresses on which its servers are available are8.20.247.20 and It is the part of the Comodo group. It also guarantees optimizing browsing speed and protection against office and home Internet access.

DNS Advantage

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Neustar, which also operates premium DNS service called ultra DNS operates this DNS advantage. Free public DNS servers with great performance are provided by DNS advantage. The IP addresses on which its servers are present are