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Gotham is under siege! The first of a three-part series of DLC Packs, Amazon Fury Part I, will soon reveal that Wonder Woman’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, has allied with Circe and launched an attack on the world of man – starting with Gotham City. This is purportedly a response to the Brainiac attack on Wonder Woman’s homeland of Themyscira. This conflict pits mother against daughter, with Wonder Woman leading the Amazonian resistance to the Queen’s aggression. The flashpoint of the conflict is in central Gotham City, where Amazonian forces loyal to the Queen have encased the southern half of the city in a mystical barrier, and have started to destroy everything within. Heroes have joined forces with Wonder Woman and her Rebel army as they try to save Gotham City from Hippolyta’s brutal attack. Villains align themselves with Hippolyta and Circe to help advance the front lines of the battle and crush all who oppose them overtaking Gotham City.

DC Universe Online DLC: Amazon Fury Part I

New Open World Solo Missions

Players will travel to an alternate version of Gotham City – Gotham Under Siege. From there, Heroes and Villains will each have access to Daily Solo Missions and Bounty Missions. The bounty mission will direct players to one of four locations within Amazon-controlled Gotham City where they are charged with defeating an iconic boss. Heroes will combat Catwoman, Killer Croc, Mister Freeze, or Cheetah, while Villains will fight Donna Troy, Wonder Girl, Nightwing, or Supergirl.

DC Universe Online DLC: Amazon Fury Part I  DC Universe Online DLC: Amazon Fury Part I


Amazon Fury Part I’s Iconic Visions, Duos, and Alert all take place in Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island. This is one the biggest and the most beautiful instances we’ve ever seen in DC Universe Online. Fans of Wonder Woman will love what we’ve done with the place since Battle for Earth and will have a chance to see a lot more of the island than just the Gates of Tartarus.

Iconic Visions

Iconic Visions will allow players to assume the role of an iconic character in the DC Universe and play through a mission that is a memory of an important event related to that character. In this case, we’re focusing on Wonder Woman and Circe.

In Circe’s Trial, the player will experience the moment when Circe convinces Hippolyta to allow her to join the war against Gotham City. The player will relive this event through the actions of Circe. The player, as Circe, will have to fight, sneak, or manipulate her way through Themyscira and into the Hippolyta’s war.

During Wonder Woman’s Iconic Vision, Aegis of Truth, the Player will experience the moment when the Amazons of Themyscira splinter into two factions: one that remains loyal to Hippolyta and another that follows Wonder Woman’s rebellion. The player will relive this event through the eyes of Wonder Woman. As Wonder Woman, the player will confront Hippolyta, discover that she is bringing war to the mortals, and begin her rebellion.

DC Universe Online DLC: Amazon Fury Part I  DC Universe Online DLC: Amazon Fury Part I

Duos and Alert

Amazon Fury Part I brings two Duos and one Alert to DCUO as the war explodes across Paradise Island.

Duo – Port of Paradise

The players’ mission will be to strike against the enemy faction’s docks, crucial to the war effort. When things go awry, it will be up to players to win a decisive victory for their side.

Duo – Supply Lines

Supplying the fight in Gotham City is no easy task, and it’s where both sides are most vulnerable. Players will need to assist, defending supplies en route and taking on enemies attempting to stop them in the Warehouse Division.

Alert – Themyscira Divided

The Amazon civil war reaches its peak as Heroes launch an all out assault on the Loyalist forces of Hippolyta, and villains move to end Wonder Woman’s Rebel forces once and for all.

Weapon Mastery

Weapon Mastery will allow players to spend Skill Points to “master” one to three weapons, allowing them to transition from one weapon to specific weapon combos of another. The system will expand the depth of combat and add new opportunity to execute combos with even greater skill. Players will both look and feel badass as they take on Amazon Fury Part I’s new challenges.

Welcome to Tier 6

Amazon Fury Part I will bring with it a new gear tier – Tier 6. Not only will this gear reach new levels of power, but it will also continue the trend that we started with War of the Light Part I, focusing on slimmer-fitting gear styles. Speaking of style, we’re drawing from Amazonian heritage to create beautiful, streamlined armor and gear pieces.

Amazon Fury Part I is planned to launch this Spring. Stay tuned over the coming weeks to see all that we have in store!